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  Nautica Travels is a comprehensive travel provider … what that means is whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you will get everything you need for your trip right here. Not only do we offer the convenience of a single point of contact for all your travel needs, we also offer you the best pricing available for each of our services. More importantly, the process is transparent, quick and stress-free for you .. here is a list of our suite of Products … Please contact us here if you need one or multiple of these:


Our partnerships with various flight reservation providers gives us access to a large selection of international and domestic carriers. So we get to see beyond the limited inventory provided by online booking sites. We have cancellation and rebooking facilities if your travel plans change. We will also handle seat assignment, reward updates and check-ins. All you have to do is buckle up and fly.


We have access to Indian Railways reservation platforms and also handle Eurail and other international railway bookings. So if you are backpacking through your journey or just find the railways an interesting (and cheaper) way to get to your destination, we can get you there.


Bus tour operators in India are plenty and probably the quickest way to get to your destination. But the mind-boggling choices and schedules together with the need to book at the tour operators remote offices, makes them a challenging means of transport. Well, we did say we are your travel partners … we have a direct feed into reputed bus operators reservations system. So one call to the advisors at Nautica, and you will have a bus ticket in your email in no time


Whether it’s a place to take a quick break and hit the road again or a luxurious beach resort that makes you want to laze all day, we’ve got a wide range of hotel options to pick from. Based on your needs and budgets, we can even recommend a list of options for you to pick from. Just give us a call.

Car Rentals

We can hook you up with all sorts of car rental arrangements from chauffeured limousines to non-AC sedans based on what your needs are. Guided tours and transportation is included as standard in our vacation packages.

Tour packages

For a comprehensive, no hassle travel experience, book a full tour package with us. We can customize it to your taste. So whether you are travelling to soak in the sights of the world or for a cultural experience or just to break away from the rut, we can do it all. Standard travel packages include air fare, accommodation, guided tours, select meals and a guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way should you need our support. Need inspiration for travel destinations? Visit our leisure page to get started or fill out our online request form with what you are seeking and we can contact you with suggestions, best time to travel, etc. Happy globetrotting!


We assist Indian citizens through the passport application process – this includes first time applicants as well as travelers who have lost their passport on the journey. We provide assistance in filling out application forms, information on background checks, biometrics and appointments. We make the process as smooth as possible for you.


The least intuitive piece of a travel puzzle is getting the visa to your destination. Lead times to get visas, documentation requirements and even the process can vary widely from country to country. Think of us as the central depository of all that information. We can get you the right forms to fill, the most reasonable estimates of wait times and also help pull together a package of all the documents you need in the application process. In some cases, you have to personally submit the documents to the consulate. In most others, we can do that for you. Our agency tie ups can also help expedite the process if you are in a hurry to start your vacation plans or have an urgent business need.


Travelling across the globe is exciting, but being in an unknown land with an unforeseen medical incident can be an expensive and scary experience. So why not put your mind at ease by getting traveler’s insurance for your trip. This way, you know that you have done your best in avoiding the financial burden if something were to happen. Your well-being is our top concern.

Foreign Exchange

Exchanging your rupee for a foreign currency can be an expensive affair at an airport kiosk or in the local country. We advise our clients to plan for this ahead of your travels so you can get the best rates and lowest fees possible. Make your rupee go further by using our Forex services.

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